Before any of them

Before any of them Could say anything else, there was a faint popping noise, and Mr. Weasley appeared out of thin air at George’s shoulder. He was 100looking angrier than Harry had ever seen him. That wasn’t funny Fred! he shouted. What on earth did you give that Muggle boy? I didn’t give him anything, […]

Harry felt the empty

Harry felt the empty Echoing feeling in his head disappear. He remembered exactly what was happening, and the pain in his knees seemed to double. Look at that, you lot300Potter fought! He fought it, and he damn near beat it! We’ll try that again, Potter, and the rest of you, pay attention – watch his […]

Aboard the Hogwart ExpressContents

Aboard the Hogwart ExpressContents Prev Chapter Next Chapter There was a definite end-of-the-holidays gloom in the air when Harry awoke next morning. Heavy rain was still splattering against the window as he got dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt; they would change into their school robes on the Hogwarts Express. 200 He, Ron, Fred, and […]

This had to be

This had to be Charlie, who worked with dragons in Romania. Charlie was built like the twins, shorter and stockier than Percy and Ron, who were both long 100and lanky. He had a broad, good-natured face, which was weather-beaten and so freckly that he looked almost tanned; his arms were muscular, and one of them […]

Hands and came to a

Hands and came to a Halt in time to prevent himself from falling face forward out of the Weasleys kitchen fire. Did he eat it? 100said Fred excitedly, holding out a hand to pull Harry to his feet. Yeah, said Harry, straightening up. What was it? Ton-Tongue Toffee, said Fred brightly. George and I invented […]

Jump onto the desk

Why, though? Another voice had 300awoken in the back of his brain. Stupid thing to do, really, said the voice. Jump onto the desk. No, I don’t think I will, thanks,301 said the other voice, a little more firmlyno, I don’t really want to. Jump! NOW! The next thing Harry felt was considerable pain. He […]

Warming pans between the sheets

Warming pans between the sheets It was extremely comfortable, lying there in bed and listening to the storm raging outside. I might go in for it, you know, 200Ron said sleepily through the darkness, if Fred and George find out how tothe never know, do you? S’pose not. Harry rolled over in bed, a […]


Three muttered Mr. 100Weasley, one eye still on his watch, twoone It happened immediately: Harry felt as though a hook just behind his navel had been suddenly jerked irresistibly forward. His feet left the ground; he could feel Ron and Hermione on either side of him, their shoulders banging into 101his; they were all speeding […]

If they’re any bigger

If they’re any bigger Than this lot, even Hagrid won’t be able to handle them, said Harry. That’s if he hasn’t been attacked by his skrewts. Wonder what’s up 300with them? Maybe they’ve escaped, said Ron hopefully. Oh don’t say that, said Hermione with a shudder. Imagine that lot loose on the grounds. They stood, […]

Back into a single

Back into a single Pane and back into the door Wellmaking it look like he knows everything and we don’t. Ron snarled. 200′Father’s always associated with the top people at the Ministry’Dad could’ve got a promotion any timehe just likes it where he is. Of course he does, said Hermione quietly. Don’t let Malfoy get […]